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tadas maksimovas spins his hair into the playable strings of a violin

london-based artist tadas maksimovas has used his hair as the medium in a performance-cum-instrumental project, which saw his longs locks transformed into the fragile strings of a violin. created for street musician’s day — an annual music event initiated by lithuanian musician and actor andrius mamontovas — the experimental piece demonstrates that even the most ambiguous materials can be transformed into an object of alternative use. twisting and gluing maksimovas’ lengthily strands of hair into tightly spun fibers, the fine threads were then fixed to the wooden violin, positioned along the length of the instrument, and  experimentaled. the result is a musical piece, entirely performed through the cooperation of artist and musician.

Watch the video:

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Sky Every Day (Bill Domonkos, 2014) (Landscape Alphabet)


*Applies for job*

-So, do you have any special skills?

-I can recite the names of all the dwarves in The Hobbit and sing the entire Misty Mountains song.

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Le Plat Pays